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Samir AlicehajicSamir Alicehajic
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CD-RW data recorder, CD-RW eraser, ISO 9660 creator, CD info
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Program features: - data recording to CD-R/W disc - erasing CD-RW discs - creating ISO 9660 file - CD-ROM and CD-R/W disc informations - easy Browser for selecting files and directories for recording. - other useful recording and erasing options. - automaticly refreshes main controls every 5 seconds while checking for a CD-R/W disc. - when disc was damaged program passes damaged area and continue to record on undamaged part. - help - install, uninstall. File functins like copy, delete, move compress, decompress, change file attributes and more are all in two directory panels and files was sorted with one of the four main sort options, extension, date/time, name and size.
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To use this software you must have installed Aspi drivers, which reads information from your CD-ROM drive.
Download latest Aspi drivers from its site at:

Aspi Drivers 4.7
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